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Welcome to Dick's Electric Fencer Repair!

12140 Indian Reserve Rd. Hubbard Lake, MI 49747, USA

SPECIAL NOTE: Before shipping, please call (813) 312-3180 for most up to date shipping instructions. Closed Saturdays!

Dick's Electric Fencer Repair has been in the electric fencer repair business for over 25 years and we know what it takes to provide customer satisfaction: good service, honesty, quick turnaround and fair prices. We are a factory authorized warranty repair facility for most American makes and repair both domestic and foreign fencers. Unlike many of our competitors, we're different in the fact we provide you with free estimates and give you a one-year no questions asked warranty.

We Repair:

  • Ag-Way
  • American Farm Works
  • Bayguard
  • Bulldozer
  • Bush Whacker
  • Dare
  • Dyna Charger
  • Captivator
  • Cycleopes
  • Electr
  • Fi-Shock
  • Gallager
  • Hol-Dem
  • International
  • Kencove
  • Life-Time
  • Northern Signal
  • Parmack
  • Patriot
  • Pel
  • Power Wizard
  • Premier
  • Pro-Shock
  • Red Snapper
  • Rutland
  • Sears
  • Shockmaster
  • Speedrite
  • Stockmaster
  • Southern States
  • SuperAtom
  • Sure-Shock
  • Taylor Fence
  • Tru Test
  • TSC
  • Universal Coop
  • Wasp
  • White Knight
  • Zareba
  • ... and more!
Electric Fencers: Rutland, Hot Shock, etc.

There are three general types of electric fencers; some operate on domestic 110V ac, some are battery operated and some operate on battery/solar combinations. Regardless of power source, the single goal for all electric fencers is to provide a safe electrical charge to fences for the containment of livestock.

Depending on where you live in this country an electric fencer may be referred to by many different names. Primarily they are referred to as either a fencer, charger, energizer or controller. Sometimes they are referred to as a fence charger, electric fence charger, fence energizer, electric fence energizer, fence controller or electric fence controller. We repair them all!


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