~ Hope ~

Dear Friend,

Maybe you are experiencing difficult times, discouraged and feeling like there is no hope. If so you are not alone as it seems this is the case for most of the inhabitants of this planet at one time or another. I was without hope until one cold, wintery day, an old car entered our driveway. I can remember the day quite well, as it was windy, bitter cold, and snow covered the landscape. An old gentleman stepped out of the car and came to my door. He was wearing an old black ten-gallon hat and an overcoat, both of which were blowing in the cold wind. His face was weathered and wrinkled.

I felt sorry for him and it was hard for me to understand why anyone would venture out in such weather. He showed me a pamphlet he was giving out, and explained that he was collecting funds for famine and disaster relief and asked for a donation. We were a young family and were poor ourselves, but my heart was touched by his willingness to help others and I gave him a rather large donation. Little did I realize his visit, and the pamphlet he left with us would change the life of me and my family and give us hope.

As I now look back I think of what the Bible says about entertaining angels unawares. In reality this old man was and angel. He was bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to our home at great inconvenience to himself. When we finished talking, he thank me and got back into his old car. It would not go. He was stuck in the snow. He quickly opened the trunk and threw what looked like feed bags under both of his smooth rear tires and drove away.

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God Bless You,
Richard Heiss, at Dick’s Electric

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